35 Things dancer hate

1. A hole in your tights under your tutu
2. Popping your wig off during a performance
3. Losing your top
4. Falling on your butt during a solo
5. To give a speech and have your gum fly out of your mouth
6. Water splashed on the front of your skirt before your speech
7. Throwing up behind the stands because of nerves
8. Eating blue candy before performing
9. Sitting on gum and then performing backwards movements to the judges
10. Forgetting your dance and standing there. You laugh – they laugh – you laugh – you
11. Showing up a day late
12. Showing up at the wrong competition
13. Getting travelers squirts before you are ready to go on
14. Farting (egg smelling kind)
15. That time of the month
16. Flipping a shoe off while dancing
17. Having someone kick your hat or wig off
18. The lunch you had earlier is clinging to your front or back side
19. Showing up with the wrong shoes
20. Getting caught talking about “you know who”
21. Having to sit out a performance
22. Being picked last
23. Trying to smile with a mouth full of braces with rubber bands
24. For some, watching the video of your performance
25. Having someone who wants to start trouble
26. Getting hit by a another car
27. Blowing an engine
28. Getting a LATE BILL!
29. Getting placed in a lower class
30. Throwing up in the pool
31. Wondering who left the log in the pool “it shut the pool down due to health risks”
32. Wrong colored tights (bleached)
33. Dropping your drill flag on national TV ESPN, after uncoordinated team mate trips you.
34. Tripping in front of hot guys
35. No Music

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