Have you ever been bullied?  Maybe you’ve been bullied by another student, an adult, a coach, or dance director?  A group ? How about your cheer team? Or maybe a dance team?  A group of  jocks making up stories to look big?

Could bullying be done by a principle or vice principle? How about a member of the church? A parent?

Kids bully because a need is not met somewhere. Or maybe someone has mistreated them in that manner.  Bullying takes many forms, but it takes a real mature individual to step up, and say STOP!

Your courage may be someone else’s courage too.

When you see someone being bullied, do you turn away?  Are you afraid that they will  bully you too, if you try to help the other person?

How do you deal or cope with bullying?  Who do you turn to?  What if the bully is your coach or director?  Yes, adults bully too.   Some, by allowing the very act of bullying by others or  themselves. Some bully to get what they think is social status,  or to get into a clic, or even advance their own children.  They battle with power and control.

Everyone needs to learn the facts.  Everyone needs to step-up, and say STOP to bullying!

It takes everyone! Some links to help you learn what you can do…

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