Cheerleader Highlight – Taylor Beason “Tay Tay”

Tay TayWhen it comes to having someone around to help with administrative functions,  rounding up dancers, fixing hair, posting to websites, and my traveling buddy, Tay Tay is Queen of the land!  She also rides the roller coasters at Lagoon with me.

Tay would be the first to tell you, she didn’t want to dance or do cheerleading.  If you grow up around it – you are not escaping.  We had fun!

From learning that she had a voice and that she could cheer, to competing at Cheersport and freaking out over the ESPN camera’s – she’s come a long way!  Four years of high school cheerleading and following Crickets Dance around has produced a multi-talented leader.

She has a knack for keeping the conversation light when things go “oopsie”.

In cheerleading, she has a true heart of a cheerleader.  She knows the meaning of team and was voted captain by her Colorado team mates. She cared!

Tay Tay has a desire to teach kindergarten and worked as an intern during her high school years.  As she was walking across the graduation stage and they announced that she wanted to teach, her instructors greeted her as she was exiting the stage.  They shook her hand and told her to contact them when she graduated.  A true heart of a teacher – she was beaming with the knowledge that her dreams were also recognized by others in the teaching profession.

I’ve watched Taylor grow into a lovely young woman.  She will make an exceptional teacher and cheer coach.

Children flock to her and remember her name!

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