Considering becoming a drill coach?

Cricket Radcliff, Dennis Caspary, & Taimane Kuehl Zoltz

Cricket Radcliff, Dennis Caspary, & Taimane Kuehl Zoltz

‘“Considering becoming a drill coach?”

Dance Drill  has gone the extra mile to help would be Drill coaches work with teams and parents. They have links on team development and offer coaches educational support as well.

Good information that  any drill coach should have.

American Dance Drill goes over the basic categories on their support page:

  • Officer and Team Tryouts
    Traveling With Your Team
    Helpful tips for Contest Preparation
    Parent Groups
    Nutrition & Conditioning
    Preparing for the seasons
    starting a new dance program, or reorganizing the old

When you are ready to get started you will need to go to the Utah High School Association Website to get started.  There is a lot to learn,  so be prepared to invest some study time.  You will learn as a coach that you will refer to these links a lot.

  • Drill team policies
    Clinics and Certification/Training
    Registration processes
    State tournament info
    UHSAA Forms
    UHSAA Drill Competition Materials (CD Packet)

importantteamAs many of you already know I was a drill judge way back in the day.  It was a fun and exciting time for a first time adult experience.  It isn’t for everyone however.   But neither is coaching or directing.  Really think about this before you go head into something that you might not be able to cope with.  It’s a big responsibility and the only person who gets to pick you up when you have problems “is you”.   But if you really think its for you, then you should do it, and put your heart soul into it.  Working with a team of dancers is a rewarding experience.  As an instructor for the past 15 years,  I have been privileged to watch my students grow up in the dance world, move on to drill and some are even thinking about college dance.   You have the ability to mold those future college level and pro dancers.

Good Luck, I wish you and your students all the success in the world.

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