Dancer Highlight – Hailey Cox

Dance and Leadership!

Hailey is a trained dancer with many years’ experience learning proper technique, symmetry, choreography, and music balance. I have been privileged to watch her grow into the talented young woman she is today.

A self-disciplined learner, Hailey’s academic studies have always come first. I know that has been a major factor in the making of person she is today. She understands the quality of education, and her tenacity to set real-life objectives leading toward an end goal is commendable. I am talking about college, business concern, the arts, and civic-mindedness – that is the true Hailey.

Her work ethic is extremely high, and her ability to lead is also a key area that can’t be overlooked. She was tutored early on in her career as a student instructor at Crickets Dance.

Hailey assumed the leadership responsibility of instructing entire classes as well as designing choreography pieces and entire dance routines and solos. She understands the stage and performance arts. She knows how to lead, and how to describe and perform steps in a manner that is understandable and concise. Her students adored her and still do. She continues to be a technical asset to the local dance community.

Ha Ha. Cougar and a Ute!

Hailey has assumed a number of leadership roles, having served as both the Junior and Senior Co­ Caption, as well as being voted by her classmates, Home Coming Queen. She is fully committed to helping others and often volunteers her time in the community. Anything this young woman puts her mind to, she is committed to finishing.

When she isn’t busy studying, she performs and teaches dance locally, and has many dance accomplishments and awards to her own credit.   A member of the Grand County Devilettes Drill team, for the past two years she has held a top leadership position.  She balances out her busy schedule with sporting events and church functions.  She is a well-rounded and gifted individual.

Hailey with teammates at a competition

Hailey has a remarkable way of leading that makes others want to work with her and for her. She has led small to medium size dance groups for the past 4 to 5 years.  She also works with young inspiring dancers on a one-to-one basis for training in technique and solo instruction.  She has been known to teach others who don’t have the funds to pay for individual dance instruction themselves.  But Hailey has a passion for humanity and it shows through her love of dance and teaching.  To Hailey, she is simply passing along a legacy.

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