Did you see what she was wearing?

Did you see what she was wearing?

I guess showing up with skin tight leopard skin pants and a slinky spaghetti strap top really aren’t appropriate if you are judging or hosting an event.  Not unless you are a dancer and that is your costume.

I have to admit, I’ve seen some really  crazy outfits at competitions.  And those were on the hired staff.  Sorry, and no offense to anyone, but did your baby sister dress you?

The term business casual should apply to anyone who is taking the stage and announcing to an audience that they are instructing your child and/or introducing their group.

Things to rethink:

  1. Disco style hot pants with high heals (the hooker look)
  2. Ruffled dresses with tennis shoes
  3. Jeans with holes where there really shouldn’t be a hole
  4. The mattress look. (belly rolls over top of pants)
  5. Leopard skin tight pants with slinky top from the fat and fine collect
  6. Plaids with strips and/or flowers
  7. Jewelry made of  dead animal teeth (at least I think they were animal)
  8. Make up that has to be peeled off at night (scare the dog!)
  9. Perfume that smells like a burlap sack left outside for the cat to maul
  10. Viewable tramp stamps and other tattoos that have words that are offensive
  11. Designer logo apparel made specifically to produce anger to a large volume of people
  12. Spiked clothing and dog leases
  13. Visible paraphernalia and/or weapons
  14. Body piercings with chains that attach to other locations on the body – for view
  15. Gothic is a culture – don’t go there in presentation settings
  16. Men too.  None of the above.

Those are probably some of the most troublesome pieces of attire or accessories.   If you want to have a professional business, then look the part, and make sure your staff looks the part.  A dress code within reason may be necessary if you are experiencing too much individual styling within the ranks.

Sure adults will dress up to entertain a crowd and get a laugh. But, if you are doing it because you want to make your place of business lose customers – please go right ahead.  When you consider the amount of money that dance families spend to put on a performance, it would be troublesome to have a staff member, director, or teacher disrupt the event by presenting a costume that  upstaged their own dancers.  Dress for success and you will get less tomatoes thrown at you.

It’s okay to make a fashion statement in your own living room or with friends.  But if you are actually working with students and dealing with parents, you might want to tame it down a little.  At least as a temporary measure, until you are back in your safe environment or game reserve.  While we are all entitled to free expression, social taboo’s still exist for a number of reasons.  I’ll get back to you on those reasons, until then you should learn about the 6 levels of casual dress.    The Six Categories

Happy dressing.


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