Keeping up with “Busy”

All throughout high school I found myself always keeping up with “Busy”.  Ever felt that “Busy” was winning?  Many times I did.  Between school work, dance, student government, AP classes, and whatever else I was into at any point in time – “Busy” was always there.  Even going out with friends became “Busy”.

But somehow I didn’t notice.  After college, I kept  looking for “Busy”.  It found me!  Now days, with a 40 hour work week, a 2nd job, plus teaching dance – “Busy”  would be me.

I’m starting to learn that I can use lower case “busy”, and have added a new word called “relaxation”.

I’m not getting old – just “Wiser”.  “Wiser tells me, that “relaxation” will keep “busy” under control.  “Wiser” and I are real good friends now.  We actually practice “relaxation” together.

Once in a while “Busy” suggests I add a fourth or fifth job to add to my list.  But, “Wiser” has taught me that “relaxation” is a better friend.

I do hope that you get your “Busy” under control.  “Relaxation” is always there – you just need “Wiser” to introduce you.


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