Parent Support Groups

Are you a dance or drill coach? Need help with parent support groups? A lot of information has been written on this topic. American Dance/Drill however has gone the extra mile to help would be Drill coaches work with teams and parents.

One article off  their website, as well as a number of parent support links at the bottom of the page. If you are going to hear this – you should hear it from the pro’s.  If you haven’t bookmarked their website yet – you should!

How to Win With Drill Team Parents
By Erin Venable Green

Parent support groups
Life is not always fair

Boot Backers

Cope W/Parent’s Clubs

Allowing Defeat

Endangered Species

A Threat to Drill Team

Positive Parent Support

When Children Play

Where to look in Utah for Policies and Procedures. Here you will have access to the same information any drill coach would have. You learn how to be certified as a coach or a

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