Party! “When things turn out differently”

The big day is almost upon you – graduation! Everyone is talking about what their plans are for college, military, marriage, couch sitting, and just visiting the back of their eye balls. For some it’s an over seas trip, or road trip across country, state competitions, etc.

No body dreams that the world outside these hollowed halls will be anything but wonderful – not once the tassel is flipped to the other side.

For the last four years you have lived, ate, and breathed high school. Your parents are in the preparation stages of becoming unemployed. Unemployed as in, they won’t be sitting on the benches each week, watching this person they helped bring into the world, play sports, debate, or dance, year after year. They lived, ate, and breathed high school as well. Their days of helping you are coming to an end.

Some parents will be putting their children on the payroll, as they dole out thousands of dollars a year for their little darlings to sit snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug at a major university or four year community college. Those parents who live close enough to their students school will still get to eat and breath a little of that 3. world. But their time too, is limited.

A lot of  parents  are now limited to the “hey mom – hey dad, glad you guys could travel up here for this”. It’s love at a distance.  However, the number of college students who still live at home, while taking classes, would surprise you. It’s a huge number!

While you stretch your wings to soar for the first time, you may be thinking that you won’t fall down along the route.  Well, let me give you some words for your journey. You will fall, and you will fall hard at times. But this time, what is different,  is you have to pick yourself back up.

When things turn out differently than you imagined – know that things are as they should be. Things are how you have made them, yourself.  Better yet,  lack of preparation on your part does not mean action on someone else’s part. Deal with it!

I want to give you some simple advice. Some advice from a friend:

– Explore the world that is before you. Explore it all.
– Finishing college is a must!
– Drinking, drugs and sex are not the answer. Instead, that route will  rob you of your dreams.
– Losing the trust of your family will only break your heart, and your families.

– Parking in the University Presidential  parking spot, in a rental car, will get a boot put on your car, and a $300 fine (sorry mom).
– You can’t fix your friend’s problems. That is what AA is for.

– You can’t hang with the high schoolers anymore.
If you are partying – stop. Instead go take a hike, swim, bike, vacation over seas, jog, write a song, play softball, etc.
– Spring break is for college age students only. NO HIGH SCHOOLERS ALLOWED, Unless you like the feel of a jail cell, irate parents, public humiliation, and drama.
– If you dance at college, and you have to be at the”in scene” – never go anywhere alone.
-Photos – keep anything that you want private off of facebook, myspace and your cell phone.
-Photos – DELETE THEM if they are not beneficial to you or someone else.  Posting photos of your enemy doing something wrong can and will come back to you.  What comes around- goes around.  Don’t play the stupid game.  The best picture is the one never posted, and better yet, never taken.  If it isn’t positive – don’t post it.
– Get a BIG @#$ dog and train it to bite. If not, then a little mutt with a big attitude will work. Your space is private – keep it that way.
Men/women will leave you, and older men/women are not the answer.
– When you have to pay for your own car insurance and cell phone, maybe you won’t be so smug.
– When you see your friends drop out of school because they refused to stop partying, or ended up pregnant, and unmarried – don’t follow their lead.
– Sometimes you have to let go of bad relationships (even when it hurts for a while), so your life can get better.
– Remember those people who used to sit on the side line and cheer you on in high school. They become your friends now. They actually have something to say.

Go try out those wings now. I really do wish you all success.

Have a girl or guy night out. Dance together, go dirt biking, ride horses, or go mountain biking. Take a raft trip! Don’t let anyone pull you away from the JOY that you CAN have in this life.


Did I mention not parking in the University President’s  parking spot?

They can hold your transcripts up for unpaid tickets “so you know”.

So, I guess the real reason behind this post is to let you know, that sometimes – the answer is no. The person who has to tell you “no” will be you.



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