Reaching Beyond

Sometimes you have to push yourself a little harder to get to where you want to be in life.  That doesn’t mean it will be easier, but if you work hard – chances are it will be better.  Your life will be better.

Dance is that way too.  All you have to do is be good!  Good enough to make those spots.  Good enough to feel good about yourself.

Reaching for greater heights in your dance is what its all about.  Challenge yourself to learn a new skill, or master one that has been keeping you back.

If you believe in what it is you are doing – you can do anything.  It’s not about what your neighbor is doing, or what your friends are doing.  Dance is about you and what you put into it.

All you need in life is skill and ability to use that skill.  Don’t let others keep you from achieving your dreams.  Reach beyond the pack.  You will be surprised at how good it feels.  Make the Grade Kids.  Make the Grade.  Reach beyond the pack, beyond the norm.


Love you guys


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