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The Glam Squad – Dance Moms

Something about those dance moms that is always true, “every kid is theirs”! From gluing on rhinestones to taping on costumes, the glam squad is there to help.

There are a lot of things that dance moms can do to be helpful at competitions. They are the backbone of the team.  They work for free, ask for no recognition.

Some of the best moments in Glam Squad – Dance Mom times!

1. Most have a full repair kit in their bags for fixing rips, scuffed shoes, lipstick, bobby/safety pens and spray on glitter.

2. The best thing about dance moms are the size of the purse or travel bag. If there are signs up that say  “no food or drink” allowed, just hunt out the mom with the biggest purse.  You know she’s packing!

3. My glam mom was the shoulder for all the boo boo’s and dings.  She was a cool refreshing stop away from all the nervous energy and sometimes drama & hurt feelings.

4.  Team moms help with making costumes and props. Team dads too.  Many spend endless hours and their own money to make a production successful. It’s always great to watch the parents perform too.

5. A lot of teams have people who will do story write ups for the team.  They always get the perfect shot!  It is great to see everyone’s face in the paper with our trophies and medals.

6. Some glam moms have choreography and technical abilities.  They can be called upon to help individuals or teams correct issues, or offer points for strengthening  their routines.

7. Baby sitter team mom is the lady to know.  She always has a slug of little people around her.  She gathers the troop before the performance and herds them to the practice room.  She is the one with the Las Vegas motel room filled with 1/2 the squad!

8. Spirit Team moms are always looking for ways to get the crowd motivated, as well as the team.  They usually have the biggest bags at competitions.  Score goodies of all kinds, from crayons to pom poms and posters.

9. Glam moms help the directors with running errands  and making sure everyone has picked up after the dance is done.  Some will volunteer to run the broom on stage to get the feathers off.  They also deal with the kiddies by the poolside.

10. A glam mom – team mom is the person in the stands who cries because they are so proud.  Doesn’t matter if you win or not.  They are just proud of you, all of you.  Their reward is being able to watch you!

If you have a glam mom or team mom that you think should be recognized, you should let your directors or coaches know so at the end of the year they can be noticed at your end of the year parties and award ceremonies.

Have fun at competition.  Make sure and give your glam and team moms and dads a big hug.  Dance competition wouldn’t be the same without them.  They make it possible for everyone to be there! They are Diva’s and Divo’s!