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Caspary’s, Studio 600, & Spring Break

First things first – thank God for spell check!

Have to say, that Tai and I had a lot of fun at Dennis Caspary’s clinic last weekend. Aside from me doing “tours” into the table, it all went well. The bruises from the table may take a little time.

Stars Nationals sponsored the event for its Regional Teams. I danced with Stars almost all my life. I’m an alumni of Stars – dating back to 1995 or so. Yep, grew up with them. Don’t know anything else but dance. Stars gave a lot of girls in our area their first experience at a real competition. They really do help to build self – esteem in young kids. It’s just a good experience – Stars! I think it is great that they bring in professional dancers, like Caspary, to run their clinics too.

If you like to watch Adam Sandler – you will enjoy Caspary. He is not just an excellent dance instructor but a comedian too. He was interesting for sure! I had to laugh when he walked down the middle of the dance floor and stopped the dance to pick up a tiny little jewel that had fallen off some dancers costume or out of someone’s bag. He looked up and his comments to me were “now you won’t get hurt”. As random as that was, I remember dancing as a kid and getting a bobby pin stuck in my foot. I finished the solo and then went off to cry. It was a big bad boo-boo at the time. Yes, protect us from the big bad jewel.

My friend Tai and I had quite the experience in Salt Lake City. We were trying to behave ourselves. We did okay. Haha. For the White Out Party at Studio 600 (that\’s a NON- alcohol, and non-smoking studio by the way) we each purchased a set of white shoes. Tai is a hip-hopper so the “climb” was a bit challenging for her feet. I could deal with them okay – years on point, you don’t notice the height as bad.  I’m kidding you know!

Met a lot of pretty neat hip-hoppers who were friends with Tai. Even a BYU male cheerleader. Some of the boys could move!

There is a lot of action in Salt Lake City. It was a great way to spend spring break. The air quality is a bit on the Smogy side, but besides that, it’s a fun place to hang out. Wasn’t able to hook up with friends from the U of U (another favorite haunt of mine). Most were home on spring break.

Back in Poe Dunk USA, it’s time to go sun tanning along the Colorado River with friends today. Ahhhhhh!!! Burn baby burn, disco is burning…