Crickets dance is owned and operated by Cricket Tuhy.  The mission of Crickets dance is to offer dance consulting and provide informative views, opinions, and instruction, regarding competitive and technical dance, and drill team and cheer.

Crickets Dance serves a diverse clientele of dancers.  Our clients are often self-referred, and seek our services for training in ballet, contemporary, and jazz performance dance.  Our client relationships involve face-to-face as well as online instruction.  Our clients are looking for that edge in technical abilities that will help them or a team better prepare and perform at dance competitions.

Our secondary clients include local dance studios who hire Crickets Dance to work with their students in a studio and online settings to instruct them in ballet and other forms of dance technique, and with instructional choreography.

 Who we are

C r i c k e t  T u h y ,  O w n e r

Cricket  Tuhy received her formal education from Utah State University.  She holds two degrees including a degree in business from the Huntsman’s School of Business.


Cricket began retraining to become an instructor for beginner ballet classes, under the tutelage of Belinda Hurst, who studied at the University of Utah Department of Ballet (Ballet West). She assisted in ballet, pre-pointe and pointe classes. She studied under Belinda Hurst since age 3 ½, for a total of nearly 15 years, and went en pointe at age 9, and began assistant teaching at age 15.

In high school, she studied summer intensives under Kelly Hudgins, a former professional ballerina for the Texas Ballet.


Crickets team preparatory-instruction in jazz was through Becky Ripper at the Red Rock Stars Dance Studio. Lyrical instruction was through Belinda Hurst. She also took individual instruction one-on-one with top solo instructors from the Moab area for over 15 years.

Cricket was responsible for training and testing students on the dance challenge routines from beginner through advanced. Students leveled up by passing off all the technical skills on each level including combination skills in ballet, jazz, and tumbling. There are eight technical levels to advanced. She is well versed in classroom training and has worked many years as a smalls team instructor/choreographer. She has worked with and instructed classes as large as 45 students, learning entire camp routines and teaching them to students and other instructors. She also has assisted in both team and production/novelty choreography for both regional and national dance competitions.


Cricket has worked with dozens of soloists and numerous duet groups. Her studies in this area were a reflection of teachings from former top instructors, Stephanie Davis, and Charlotte Walden.  She specializes in individual training.


Cricket began tumbling at age 6 with American gymnast instructors. She later was instructed by Belinda Hurst at the Red Rock Stars Studio. She works with students who can show a level of skill and confidence necessary for solo competition.

J a n   R a d c l i f  f ,   C o n s u l t a n t   

10847957_10152659628058422_6578456198006827301_nJan  Radcliff received her undergraduate degree in Business Management from the Huntsman’s School of Business. She also holds an advanced master’s degree in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences from Utah State University.  Her expertise is in “learning how people learn”, and then developing training platforms for them to learn from.

Her abilities to communicate and collaborate effectively both in person and at a distance are some of her leading strong points.  She has experience building productive and positive relationships with diverse dance partners.   Jan’s understanding of dance is admirable, and she truly enjoys co-assisting with choreography.  She thrives in a dance setting and works for Crickets Dance as a dance consultant and content developer for the site.  Jan owns and operates Radcliff Design.   As Jan would say “I love to color – digitally”.



Our methods

  1. The Cecchetti method is a ballet training method devised by the Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). The method is a strict training system with special concern for anatomy within the confines of classical ballet technique and seeks to develop the essential characteristics of dance in its students through a rigid training regime. The goal is for the student to learn to dance by studying and internalizing the basic principles, in an effort to become self-reliant rather than imitating the movements executed by their teacher.