Dancer Highlights – Bailey Hansen “Bay”

Dance and Leadership.

Bailey was always fun to watch in dance class.  She had to perfect everything she did and still does.  If she didn’t feel she had a move down, she would go home and practice until it was “done”!   Were talking areal’s too!  I watched her grow from a young dancer who was very much into hip-hop, into a polish and refined contemporary jazz dancers.  She could rock it on the dance floor then, and she does.

A very charming and kind dancer, when she would lead the class for me, the students were attentive and enjoyed her good nature.  The number of students who followed her, and sought out her style of dance was insane.  She was able to create a number of her dancers and help with class routines and soloists.

Workings with Bailey was a joy.  A comedian in her spare time.  If someone was down, she was always there to help cheer them up.


Bailey is inspiring still.  Dancing at the state level with a team that equals her passions and deliverance on the floor.  Pushing her to new heights and new explorations.

College-bound she will undoubtedly be as technically detailed in her studies as she is on the dance floor. When she brings it – she brings it all.






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